Saturday, January 9, 2010

Tupperware FreezerMate Essential Set

Tupperware FreezerMate Essential Set


FreezerMate Small II (2) 650ml
14.3cm(L) x 11.0cm(W) x 7.7cm(H)

FreezerMate Medium I (1) 550ml
22.5cm(L) x 14.9cm(W) x 3.9cm(H)

FreezerMate Medium II (2) 1.5L
22.5cm(L) x 14.9cm(W) x 7.7cm(H)

FreezerMate Medium III (1) 2.3L
22.7cm(L) x 15.1cm(W) x 11.4cm(H)

FreezerMate Large II (1) 3.1L
30.0cm(L) x 22.5cm(W) x 7.7cm(H)

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Friday, January 1, 2010

Tupperware Multi Keeper (1) 10kg SOLD

Limited Release

Tupperware Multi Keeper (1) 10kg
22.2cm(H) x 28.6cm(W) x 28.6cm(L)
RM118.00 retail

RM99.00 NOW

-Stacks securely with each other or with Rice Dispenser.
-Stores excess rice of up to 10kg.

Tupperware Rice Dispenser (1) 10.5kg

Tupperware Rice Dispenser (1) 10.5kg
34.9cm(H) x 26.9cm(W) x 26.9cm(L)


Tupperware CozyNest Set SOLD

Limited Release

Tupperware CozyNest Set

Comprises :
CozyNest Medium (2) 1.1L
8.1cm(H) x 16.5cm(W) x 17cm(L)

CozyNest Small (2) 500ml
6.5cm(H) x 12.6cm(W) x 13.6cm(L)


Free! Tupperware CosyNest Petit (2) 160ml
5.4cm(H) x 8.3cm(W) x 10.9cm(L)
worth RM15.60

Shape O Toy Keychain
only Rm1.90 nett!
With every purchase of 2 sets of CosyNest Set

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