Thursday, March 20, 2008

Tupperware One Touch Topper and Canister

Tupperware ONE TOUCH Topper and Canister
  • With just one touch, these stackable, airtight and liquidtight canisters create extra space and keep your food fresher, longer. Available in various sizes for your daily needs, they are ideal for use in your kitchen cabinets or on the kitchen counter.
    1. One Touch Topper Junior (2) 13cm(D)x8cm(H), 600ml - RM29.80
    2. One Touch Topper Small (1) 15cm(D)x9cm(H), 950ml - RM19.80
    3. One Touch Topper Medium (1) 17cm(D)x9.2cm(H), 1.4L - RM23.90
    4. One Touch Topper Large (1) 19.3cm(D)x10.6cm(H), 2.1L - RM29.80
    5. One Touch Canister Junior (1) 13cm(D)x15.5cm(H), 1.3L - RM21.90
    6. One Touch Canister Small (1) 15cm(D)x17.3cm(H), 2.0L - RM27.30
    7. One Touch Canister Medium (1) 17cm(D)x19.2cm(H), 3.0L - RM33.90
    8. One Touch Canister Large (1) 19.3cm(D)x21.2cm(H), 3.8L - RM39.80

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Baby Basket Gift ( Varies )

Sample of Mixed Tupperware Baby Basket Gift.
Approx. price : RM200.00
Free Delivery within Klang Valley.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Tupperware Baby Hampers

- Tupperware Baby Hampers -

The items inside are combination of Tupperware products and others that suits with baby needs such as baby bottles with teats, milk powder dispenser & teat keeper, sandwich keepers, snack cup, tiwi canteen, tumblers, baby suit, baby warmer bag to keep the baby bottle & diapers, sling bag to keep the snack cup, sandwich keepers, etc..

Price : RM300.00
Free Delivery within Klang Valley.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

How to store your Tupperware products

This is a simple way to store your Tupperware containers :
-Store containers without their seals on to keep them air-fresh.
-To prevent cuts and scratches, keep all products away from sharp utensils.

-Tupperware products is not cheap, do not treat it like a normal disposable plastic containers.

and this is the correct way to store food in Tupperware containers :

Classic Round Seals

Clear Mate Seals

Please keep in mind to cool hot liquids that contain fat before you place them in Tupperware containers. Soups, sauces, oils or cooking grease may contain heat high enough to damage the containers.

When storing hot beverages made with boiling water, let the liquid cool before applying the seal.

If the seal seems too tight, place it in hot water for a few minutes; then apply to container while seal is still warm.

Only products with Classic Round Seals and Clear Mate Seals are liquid-tight. If liquid is stored in containers with any other type of Seal, the container should be kept in an upright position.

We will share on how to reheat foods in microwave oven on the next post..see ya!

Tupperware Formula Dispenser & Teat Keeper

A must have for mothers!
This 110ml Formula Dispenser & Teat Keeper Set is a handy and convenient storage for baby's wants when you need them.
A quick and easy solution to store your baby's milk powder, teat, food etc!

Set comprises :

Tupperware Formula Dispenser & Teat Keeper
Size approx. 8.0cm (D) x 5.1cm (H)

Colour :
Sheer Orange base with Orange seal and Lime Green cap

Capacity :
110ml each

Quantity :
2 units

This item is limited. I only have a few sets in my collection. Have to let go to clear my stuff. For your info, this item is no longer available in catalogs!

INFO: this item sold to a buyer from Sweden.

How to Clean and Wash your Tupperware Products

I would like to share my knowledge on how to clean & wash your Tupperware products. Follow these simple steps to care and obtain the optimum performance from your Tupperware products. Read this :

All Tupperware products manufactured since October 1981 are dishwasher-safe.
When using the dishwasher :
1. Place Tupperware products on the top rack of the dishwasher
2. Take care to ensure small parts and seals do not fall through onto the heating element

When you hand-wash Tupperware products :
1. Use warm, soapy water and a soft cloth or sponge
2. Dry with a soft towel, or air-dry away from direct heat
3. Avoid any abrasive cleaners as these will dull the finish or leave scratches

On the next post I will share on how to store the Tupperware containers..see ya!

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