Thursday, March 20, 2008

Tupperware One Touch Topper and Canister

Tupperware ONE TOUCH Topper and Canister
  • With just one touch, these stackable, airtight and liquidtight canisters create extra space and keep your food fresher, longer. Available in various sizes for your daily needs, they are ideal for use in your kitchen cabinets or on the kitchen counter.
    1. One Touch Topper Junior (2) 13cm(D)x8cm(H), 600ml - RM29.80
    2. One Touch Topper Small (1) 15cm(D)x9cm(H), 950ml - RM19.80
    3. One Touch Topper Medium (1) 17cm(D)x9.2cm(H), 1.4L - RM23.90
    4. One Touch Topper Large (1) 19.3cm(D)x10.6cm(H), 2.1L - RM29.80
    5. One Touch Canister Junior (1) 13cm(D)x15.5cm(H), 1.3L - RM21.90
    6. One Touch Canister Small (1) 15cm(D)x17.3cm(H), 2.0L - RM27.30
    7. One Touch Canister Medium (1) 17cm(D)x19.2cm(H), 3.0L - RM33.90
    8. One Touch Canister Large (1) 19.3cm(D)x21.2cm(H), 3.8L - RM39.80

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