Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Tupperware Formula Dispenser & Teat Keeper

A must have for mothers!
This 110ml Formula Dispenser & Teat Keeper Set is a handy and convenient storage for baby's wants when you need them.
A quick and easy solution to store your baby's milk powder, teat, food etc!

Set comprises :

Tupperware Formula Dispenser & Teat Keeper
Size approx. 8.0cm (D) x 5.1cm (H)

Colour :
Sheer Orange base with Orange seal and Lime Green cap

Capacity :
110ml each

Quantity :
2 units

This item is limited. I only have a few sets in my collection. Have to let go to clear my stuff. For your info, this item is no longer available in catalogs!

INFO: this item sold to a buyer from Sweden.


Unique Space.. said...

dah tak de lagi ker type nie..prices?

rose_euforia said...

hi unique space...
Price only Rm14.40 for each set, but unfortunately this set is no longer available in Malaysia and I have sold my last collection to a buyer in Sweden..so sorry.

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